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Pueblo Eden Punta del Este

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Lote8, finca Babieca

Pueblo Edén, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Description of Property:
We inform you that we have a piece of rural property – a 9.88 acres pictures vineyard with three grape varieties, a few kilometers away from the maritime and tourist city of Punta del Este, Uruguay, which we are interested in throwing into the market (sale), with very similar weather to Australia and New Zealand because of it´s altitude.

The field has a total surface of 98.84 Acres and is located within the Olive Route and wine Route (“Ruta del Olivo y Ruta del vino”), promoted by the Maldonado Government, Uruguay. It includes important neighboring ventures: a 400 meters Lot (Lote8) ( owned by Alejandro Bengolea´s heirs, of the Fortabat Family and the “Finca Babieca”, ( 1000 meters away from there, which provide an added value.

There are three varietals:
Tannat (plants purchased in Uruguay), Cabernet Franc (brought from Lezane, France) and Blauer Silvaner (brought from Franconia, Germany); being this last one the only and first varietal entered in Uruguay and in America.

We own a registered trademark in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, with the pertaining title deed.
The property has two light downs inside the field, two perforations, two water pumps, a Landini Italian tractor, a new container and several maintenance tools. Old house of colonial era.

Although the farm might be exploited only as a vineyard/cattle raising, there is the possibility to build a splendid residence on the large hill and we also consider that it has a potential for the building of a Rural Hotel or for Ecotourism, or else proceed to sub-divide the area into farms of 5 hectares each or more; How to produce Cannabis according to the recent Uruguayan law and the high economic potential... Surrounded by vineyards and near the city of Punta del Este, Punta Ballena; specially taking into account the number of tourists that receives the country and the city of Punta del Este together with the tax benefits in force in Uruguay, and which I assume you know very well.

The property includes important works of art, such as those by Antonio Berni, Benito Quinquela Martín, Annadora Diller Koenninger, Octavio Rojo, Valentina Ansaldi, among others.

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